Nearly all modern Cabriolet hoods are of the same design. The way that they are fixed to the car varies with the many different  makes, types and models. The roofs of most cabriolet cars are made up of three seperate layers sandwiched together which are supported by a hooped hinged supporting frame. The support frames are either manual, motor driven or hydraulic. 

The Outer Hood is the outer waterproof barrier that is seen from the exterior of the car. The outer hood is supplied in vinyl or mohair material in various colours. This outer hood is what we replace and what you are being quoted for. We can usually fit these in a day or less depending on the vehicle.

The Interliner is a pad of material that is designed to be flexible. It acts as a thermal layer to retain heat within the car and also soundproofing to a certain degree. It also helps to support the outer hood. We do not supply interliners for any vehicles and this is a main dealer only part and must be obtained by the customer. We will fit them at extra cost, but the customer  must supply the part and the fitting of them must be requested in your order.

The Headliner is the material that you see from inside the car. Its purpose is purely aesthetic and hides the support frame. We do supply headliners for some vehicles. Headliners are not included in your quotation unless specified.

Cables Some outer hoods attach to the rear of the car by way of cables. The cost of rear cables is from €50. Side cables also connect the outer hood to the hood frame, they cost from €30 a pair. It is not possible to ascertain the condition of cables until the hood is removed, and they are not included in the original quotation, but will be charged as an extra on the final fitting bill should they be required.

Interliner & Headliner Replacement - Headliner and/or interliner replacement requires the hood to be removed from the vehicle, therefore we will only consider this work when a new outer hood needs replacing. Due to the time needed to replace outer hood, interliner and headliners, the customer must deliver the car to us. This work can take up to three working days depending on the vehicle in question.


This page is here to explain our service clearly, so that there will be no misunderstandings. Please make sure that you read our fitting terms and conditions before you book a fitting and bring the car to us.

Our service explained.